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Good Homes pg38-39 Bespoke headboard Whitaker Stool Girling Chair and Minna cushions (SH) June 19 (003).png
Good Homes pg21 Bespoke Headboard and Minna Cushions (SH) June 19 (003).png

Our Whitaker Stool, Girling Chair, Minna Cushion and bespoke Headboard were featured in the Royal Roomsets Special in Homes and Gardens Magazine. All positioned by stylists for the Ideal Home Show 2019. Good Homes Magazine - June 2019

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Ideal Home, pg17 Isabella headboard (CO), May 19.png

Our Isabella Headboard featured in Ideal Home Magazine - May 2019

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EKBB, pg154 Isabella headboard in Stella Green (LS), April 19.png

Our Isabella Headboard featured in EKBB Magazine - April 2019

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Country & Town House, pg97 Isabella headboard (LS), April 19.png

Our Isabella Headboard featured in Country and Town House Magazine - April 2019

Living etc, pg22 Isabella headboard (LS), March 19.png

Our Isabella Headboard featured in Livingetc magazine - March 2019

KBB Magazine, pg149 Isabella headboard in Yamuna Yellow (LS), March 19.jpeg

Our Isabella headboard featured in KBB Magazine - March 2019

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Homes & Gardens, pg18 Kelling Chair (CO), March 19.png

Our Girling Chair featured in Homes and Gardens Magazine - March 2019

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Sunday Times Home, 24.03.19, pg27 New Lifestyle (LS) (1).jpg

Our JANE lamp shade, SARAH lamp and PHILIPPA and SUE lumbar cushions featured in The Sunday Times Home section and on - 24.03.19

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The English Home, pg18 Cushions lifestyle (LS), Feb 19.png

Our Bernard Thorp CUSHIONS featured in The English Home - February 2019

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Sunday Times Home, 03.02.19, pg24 Thomas headboard (LS) and Expert comment from Emma D.jpg

Our Thomas Headboard featured in The Sunday Times Home and - 03.02.19